We can carry on demolitions of any kind of structure starting from residential house to commercial establishment and industrial sheds.

Absolutely. Home Demolition Near Me has all the required tools and experience to demolish a house or commercial space partially. Partial demolition needs extensive planning and can be carried on only by a professional.

Home Demolition Near Me is experts in the following demolitions:
• Detailed residential or commercial demolition;
• Business strip outs or renovations;
• Bonded asbestos removing;
• Specific excavation

You would be needing Demolition Approval from the requisite authority like your local council to carry on demolition in your property.

Before commencing the work we put up the fence to restrict the area from commoners. Our workforce carries forward the work from there and the site becomes the property of the company. No trespassing is allowed after the fence is up.

Home Demolition Near Me will provide for free quotes after examination of the site.

We make sure to disconnect all the pipes, electrical circuits, sewers and all other fixtures before giving a nod for the work.

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